Why Do Tourists Like to Visit Sajek Valley?

Sajek Valley is one of the most emanating tourist places in the Rangamati District. It is mostly known as the Queen of Hills where tourists travel to enjoy the view of 1476 feet high mountains. Sajek Valley was named on its river "Sajek River," which emerged from the river Karnafully. Since then, this Sajek River has worked as the border of India and Bangladesh, till now. This mountainous trekking and touring place represent Bangladesh in a different way to the rest of the world. And I guarantee, Sajek Valley takes a significant place on the Favourite Place List of every tourist, within or outside Bangladesh. This is why I wield the pen and jot down this article where I mentioned why tourists like to visit Sajek Valley a lot and the reasons behind that. So to know deep down this information, read this article till the end. Who knows? You might fall in love with Sajek Valley without even watching it.

4 Reasons Why Sajek Valley is a Must Touring Place

Actually, there are no reasons for a traveler to visit some traveling or touring places. It is just satisfaction that you won't get from anything else. Such as, a biker loves to ride, as like as a tourist loves to travel. But people who often travel during vacations or very rarely, for them Sajek Valley will be the best option for relaxation. In fact, I mentioned the reasons down below why rare travelers must need to visit Sajek Valley during their leisure periods.

1. Breath-Taking View

The main attraction of Sajek Valley is its Mountainous Views. Very few people get the chance to explore Sajek during its peak time. As of now, people often visit there during the winter period just to relax. But that ain't the right time at all.

To Know the Right Time for Visiting Sajek Valley, Check Out Here.

Moreover, the clouds floating on top of the enchanting greenish mountains change every mood to a satisfying pleasure. And waking up at 6 AM to watch the sunrise right from your hotel windows or balconies is just a blessing for the eyes. The sunrise in between the mountains, with its light rays passing through the fogs and clouds, makes the sky look more captivating. If you are the person who is looking for places to relax and chill, make sure you should not miss this place and its view. Otherwise, you will be one who will suffer from guilt, as the weather can change anytime and make the scenarios look invisible.

2. Adventurous Road Trip

Sajek is wholly submerged with greeny mountains, grassland hill tracks, and dense forest. Therefore, to reach Sajek Valley's top, you must need to encroach right in between the hills. Bikers love to ride to Sajek Valley because they can perform their best cornering moments on this zig zag hill track of Sajek Valley. In fact, the valiant vehicles (named "Chader Gari") with the unafraid experienced drivers will give you a different thrilling experience of climbing mountains with four wheel drive vehicles. The more you will climb the mountain, the more the roads will get narrower. These drivers successfully do the overtakes within these narrow roads, making it a lot scary and exciting. During this road trip, you will explore the greenish mountains and grasses with the smell of pure natural Oxygen that will definitely give you a different vibe.

3. Native Sajek Citizens

Sajek Valley people are mostly Lushai, Tripura, Marma, Sagma, Chakma, and Pankua. These people are mostly known for their best activities and field works. Sajek Valley women are mostly involved in economic activities. In contrast, the men are primarily on farms and fields doing crop harvest, fertilization, etc. The roadside tea stalls, food shops, clothing markets are mostly under women's dominancy. And they are way too friendly and gentle which is why outsiders love to spend quality time with them. Moreover, once you get to know them, you will eventually develop yourself with many skills. As those people are best at their handmade curricular activities like designing clothes, crafting, etc. The best thing they love to do in Sajek Valley is to collect vegetables and fruits at dawn. And this is where their major trade relies on. The funniest thing is, people of Sajek Valley sometimes face difficulties in speaking Bangla Language, being Bangladeshi, but they say their native languages. On the other hand, youngsters speak English very fluently. Even outsiders can easily communicate with them.

4. Foods and Vegetables

Being a mountainous greenish area, Sajek Valley is always capable of delivering fresh fruits and vegetables. And the native people of Sajek Valley know very well how to take advantage of those delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. The recipes they use to cook foods mesmerize every tourist and traveler. In fact, sometimes travelers get forced by themselves to buy some fresh vegetables and take along with them. Honestly, I was one of them as well! I did around 200$ vegetable and fruit shopping just for me. To tell the truth, my parents were involved in that as well, Haha! Taste of cooked foods in the Sajek Valley is beyond imagination. Once you start eating, you will keep on licking your fingers until you are satisfied. Sajek Valley always provided the best of their cooking skills which are why their dishes taste entirely different.

Winding Up

As I mentioned earlier, you don't need any reasons or ideas to travel places if you genuinely love to travel. A real nature freak or tourist will travel either way by hook or by crook. Yet, suppose you are unknown about Sajek Valley and are looking for purposes to visit Sajek Valley. In that case, I hope this article rounds up all the solutions for you as I wrapped up all the information about why tourists like to visit Sajek Valley.

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