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Bangladesh is most known for its riverine and greenish environment and culture. But this country also includes the longest Sea Beach, named: Cox's Bazar, that represents Bangladesh to the whole world differently. Not only that, Bangladesh has its own coral island, Saint Martin, which is very alluring. This island is at the South Coastal part of Cox's Bazar. This island is not that big, but it is worth the hype. The island is 8 k.m. in length and 1 k.m. in wide, which is why you can explore this island thoroughly. This article will find the touring guide and all the necessary information for paying a visit to Saint Martin Island. Therefore, you will not face any difficulty and can make a proper pre-plan to explore the island to its end.

Perfect Times to Visit The Saint Martin Island

Due to its isolation from the other cities, Saint Martin Island's population is deficient, the island includes no electricity. It remains solitude during the 9 months of a year. But from November-February, it is the high peak timing to visit Saint Martin as the rest of months includes unbearable heat from the direct sunlight. Having those 4 seasonal months, sea transport vehicles become active for transporting tourists, foods, selling items and many more. Moreover, it doesn't mean you cannot enjoy it during the winter period because of the low temperature. Not really! In fact, this temperature allows you to comfortably move all around, explore the areas, enjoy the ocean waves and many more. You can also visit Saint Martin during the rest of the 9 months, but the island is as good as dead during that period. No tourists, no enjoyment, no excitement, nothing. So it will be better if you pick specific dates within November to February to travel Saint Martin.

Transportation Management of Saint Martin

As you already know, S.T.Martin is an island; therefore, you would require water boats, cruise ships, speedboats, vessels, steamers, and many more to reach there. But before that, you need to reach Cox's Bazar or the Teknaf Sea Port, from where these transports start their journey to Saint Martin. For that, you can pick any long coach bus, night coaches etc. of that route to reach Cox's Bazar or Teknaf. From Teknaf Sea Ports, all the cruise ships, vessels and steamers begin their journey within 8am to 10am. Therefore, you must be present there before that time to get tickets for those vessels. I would strongly recommend avoiding the local fishery boats to travel S.T.Martin because those boats contain 90% chances of sinking and takes magnificent time to reach S.T.Martin. But if you want an adventurous trip, then those boats might be the right choice for you.

Accommodations and Foods in Saint Martin

Like the other tourist spots in Bangladesh, S.T Martin also holds a big commercial base on tourist purposes. Which is why there are plenty of hotels and households where you can stay over and explore the island. Most of those households are affordable. And the best part of Saint Martin is the food. Before you begin your journey to Saint Martin, I must make you clear that, if you are a diet type of bodybuilder type guy then bro Saint Martin is not for you. Honestly, I haven't tasted such delicious foods, fruits, fishes, chickens and many more within such an affordable price range—outstanding finger licking taste. You will definitely fall in love with the Bengali culture and their food making procedures if you can explore the details and depth of Saint Martin.

Things You Shouldn't Miss in Saint Martin.

Let me guess you are already facing some queries about what can an Island provide for fun or excitement, except the ocean and the beach? Well, suppose you really think about that. In that case, you are entirely wrong because Saint Martin includes a lot of activities and objectives that you really shouldn’t miss. I am providing a few of those activities down below which you must need to experience or else you will return with vague memories. On the other hand, fun on the beach, playing with the ocean waves and campfire at night is the bonus for you.

1. Tasting Local Foods

If you have already tasted the foods all over Bangladesh, I would strongly recommend you try Saint Martin's food items. I promise that you will keep licking your fingers. In fact, natural fruits taste spectacular. I remember, me and three of my friends finished more than forty-three coconuts on the first try. As we had to walk around entire Saint Martin to explore its depth, these coconuts were literally the lifesaver for us. I don't know why and how these coconuts and its water acted as a booster. But I believe you will also face the same query once you begin to explore S.T. Martin.

2. Shopping

Being an island S.T.Martin includes many cultural, traditional and useful things that you will definitely want to take along with you once you see them at a glance.

3. Diving

We all have fun on the beach and like to play with ocean water and waves. Still, most of us (tourists) also know that underwater diving is a different kind of excitement and adventure. And Saint Martin provides you with that chance to experience one of the finest moments on earth that you can't even visualize if you didn't try it once before.

Wrapping Up

Bangladesh contains plenty of Sea Beaches, but S.T.Martin itself is best for its providings. Moreover, in my opinion, it is the neatest and clean sea beach of Bangladesh. Being an island, the population is meagre, as close as zero. Which is why everything you will watch there and experience, all will be natural and God's creation. So let's not miss this fair chance and prepare yourself for exploring Saint Martin. Besides, my article provided all the necessary information that a guider would offer you. Hence, take good advantage of this precise, knowledgeable context about travelling to Saint Martin.

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