Unforgettable Tourists Spots in Sylhet

If you say, apart from oceans and rivers, what else Bangladesh has that can mesmerize you since day one? I would instead suggest you visit Sylhet, and you will get your answer over there. The most known and alluring city, Sylhet, is situated in the northeastern part of Bangladesh and on the Surma river's right bank (also known as the border of Bangladesh).

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Like every other sixty-four districts of Bangladesh, Sylhet also has some breath-taking and peaceful tourist spots. And these spots will be a bonanza for your eyes once you explore them. Well, in this article, I jot down some of those bright tourist spots in Sylhet, with all their details and information. This article will act as a useful guide for you if it is the first time tour for you in Sylhet.

Must Visit Places in Sylhet and Its Details

Being the mountainous city of Bangladesh, Sylhet provides you a lot to explore. The best blessing for Sylhet is its subtropical climate. And this climate gives the best experience of humid when it's damp, hot when it's summer, and cold when it's winter. Let's check out what I got for you and when it is the right time to visit those places.

1. Jaflong

Jaflong is one of my favorite tourist places, which I visit every once a month. The focal point of Jaflong is that you can see the bordering country (India) without even crossing the border. And that makes Jaflong remarkable to all the tourists, besides its neat and clean environment. Jaflong is nearly about 62 km away from the central city of Sylhet Division. And it is pretty easy to reach Jafflong from the main town. All you have to do is just take a bus on that route, that's it. The mystery of nature miracles is so visible from Jafflong that it helps to eliminate all types of grudges you have. Moreover, the Dauki River, with its starting point in (North end Khasi Mountain) India, flows its water to the Jaflong Falls. How would you feel when you get to enjoy the water falling from the mountains, which originate from a different country and end up right below your foot? No idea? Then go and explore Jaflong and take advantage of it. If you want, you can take a bath as well. But a quick tip for you: those waters are too frizzy and numb the entire body if you stay for too long. But drawing on the icy water and playing with the gorgeous looking stones is a whole new level of experience.

2. Swamp Forest (Ratargul)

The second one on the list is the Submerged Forest, which looks insanely haunted but still the best spot for adventure touring. This Ratargul covers around 500+ acres of land, and it connects with the River Gowain and the Chengir Lake. Also, this forest contains mostly water plants that become halfway submerged during rainy seasons. The water level rises up to twenty to thirty feet above during the rainy season. And that spectacular view of the half-submerged tree with its trunk under the water and the branches with leaves above providing shadow on the entire forest makes the scene look for eco-freak for travelers. You can travel and explore this forest using a boat. Just sail your boat in between the trees and explore the aquatic animals, insects, snakes, etc. This place will give you a natural greenish environment, as it's covered with nature plants and water. But during the other season (except rainy), the place becomes very desiccated. Therefore, you won't be able to experience the best Ratargul Swamp Forest during the different seasons. If you plan to pay a visit to Ratargul Swamp Forest, make sure you visit within the rainy seasons. And start sailing boats in the early evening or early dawn because at that time you can watch the exact entrance of different types of birds and animals.

3. Bisanakandi

Here goes the most enjoyable place that every tourist loves about Sylhet is the Bisanakandi place. As I said earlier that Sylhet is a mountainous place, but Bisanakandi falls under the Guainghat Upazlia's Rustompur Union, which is why it contains a view of both mountains and rivers. If you are a boat ride freak, then Bisanakandi is for you. As you have to sail your boat in between multiple mountains on either side and you will be right in between them. Can you imagine how astonishing that feels? And beneath you, the crystal clear water with its naturally dumped rocks makes the boat journey unforgettable. The deep you go, the more exciting it gets. Therefore, it doesn't mean you will go till the end even if you are new to boat rides. Make sure you follow the guide's comment.

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From Sylhet, Bisanakandi is twenty-five kilometers away. Therefore, it ain't that far if you go to Sylhet and plan for Bisanakandi. There are plenty of vehicles you can use to get to Bisanakandi from Sylhet. You can use the bus, taxi, motorbike, CNG, Auto Rickshaw, and many more. But to explore Bisanakandi, you must reserve or rent a boat from the locals. Make sure you reach there during the day or as early as you can. Otherwise, you might face a shortage of reserved boats.

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Wrapping Up

Like the other vital cities of Bangladesh, Sylhet also includes a massive population. Yet, the town is immaculate and way too arranged compared to the other over-ornate towns of Bangladesh. And that is why many tourists often travel to Sylhet because that place has slowly turned into heaven for nature lovers. In fact, if you are one of them who are willing to pay a visit to Sylhet, specially Bisanakandi, Ratargul, etc. I hope this article helped you with all the information you required. To know about other Sylhet tourist spots and attractions, you can move to the next article where I mentioned the top 10 tourist attractions of Sylhet.

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