Top Most Finest and Alluring Tourists Spots of Sitakunda That You Should not Miss

As days are passing, the number of tourists and tourist spots are also increasing. Some places and sites are artificial which are custom decorated for the tourists, whereas some are God-gifted. Among them, Bangladesh holds its place in the list of Queen of Natural Beauty. It has many tourist facilities, including natural tourist places, spots, accommodations, foods, and many more. On the other hand, if I break it down, Bangladesh includes places you have to visit if you count yourself as a traveler or tourist. In this article, I mentioned the tourist guide about just a single tourist place in Bangladesh, which will give you a new level of experience if you travel there at least once. Travelers of Bangladesh get crazy and excited at the same time when they plan to visit Sitakunda. So, why not be one of them and experience the ancient vibe of indigenous creations and explore them wisely. Besides, the greenish mountains of Sitakunda, with the touch of sky color on top and whisking the white clouds on it, makes the place already look incomparable. Therefore, you won't be tired of watching nature views in this place.

Brief Delineation of Sitakunda

Sitakunda is basically a sole municipality and an administrative center town in Chittagong District. And this place is mostly known for Hinduism and its temples (specifically: Chandranath Temple). This semi-populated place contains many scenes to watch, which attracts many tourists and binds them to visit often. Apart from that, Sitakunda was developed to reduce the pressure of population in Chittagong. Besides, it was chosen for the industrial development zone and was named Satellite Town. Furthermore, being just a satellite town of Chittagong, Sitakunda includes many things to watch and experience. No worries, in the next paragraph of this article, I mentioned those tourist spots and scenarios. If you are planning to pay a visit to Sitakunda, then make sure to visit those places. Otherwise, you will be missing a big part of Sitakunda.

Attractive Tourists Observation Sites in Sitakunda

As I said earlier, Bangladesh has many places to visit, scenarios to watch, adventure to experience, food to try, and many more in the uncountable lists. Among them, most places include mountains, hills, or else beach and river. So, for travelers whose first priority starts with rivers and mountainous zones, Bangladesh holds the top place on that. To be more precise, Sitakunda also includes itself on that list as of now. It is the most good looking greenish mountainous satellite city in Bangladesh. Therefore, it consists of a lot of sites to explore. Some of the best-known sites are mentioned down below.

1. Chandranath Hill

Well, Sitakunda is familiar to many Bangladeshi citizens for the Chandranath Hill. I think Chandranath Hill is more popular than the Sitakunda. Haha! When you are traveling to Chandranath Hill from Sitakunda's primary market, you will see many Hinduism structures. Some are prehistoric builds, whereas some are new. Apart from that, Chandranath Hill is wholly filled with flowers, greeny trees, and flamingos. Moreover, the people living in Chandranath hill are of the Tripura group.

To Know More About 'Tripuras,' CLICK HERE.

Chandranath Hill area has the best soil for zam cultivation. Therefore, if you try them, you will definitely get the raw taste of that fruit. Hence, when you give a tour to Chandranath Hill, grab as many zams as you can, because you won't get such raw fruits in other places in this country.

2. Eco Park

After Chandranath Hill, another most known beautiful place of Sitakunda is known as the Eco Park. This place is well decorated and arranged with natural beauty and artificial monuments. The Botanical Garden and the Eco Park is situated in the south of Sitakunda main Bazar. The best part of this garden is that Botanical Garden is the first garden designed and built-in Bangladesh. You will see many rare species of trees and natural springs when you visit this park. Moreover, there are plenty of orchid houses, lotus ponds, various animals and plants, rose gardens, valley bridges, and many more. As I mentioned before that you will definitely get the antique vibe on this place. It includes the combination of natural living species and the artificial antique styles on it. Apart from that, you can watch the high waves of the Bay of Bengal from this Eco Park peak. And, bro! I must tell you, that view is literally incomparable to anything. It's just a blessing for the eyes balls, man. That peak of the park always stays crowded—tourists from hundreds and hundreds of kilometers away come to enjoy this place. In fact, a lot of outsiders also come here to visit this place. Can you imagine once at least, how good it will feel when you will watch the sun going down in the sea right in front of your eyes during the evening period? Well, honestly, I don't have words to explain how good it will feel. I better pack my bags now and prepare myself to watch the best sunset view again.

In the Final Analysis

If you call yourself a traveler or tourist, then definitely you can synchronize yourself with multiple situations. Me telling that because people in Sitakunda are mostly Tripuras, thus they live their life differently. Their accommodations and communications might not suit yours, but that is the leading beauty of it. Traveling to a place where everything is unknown and exploring the sites wisely is nothing but an art that remains the first of every tourist. Moreover, the beauty of Sitakunda will definitely make you forget that the place is unknown along with the people here. In fact, once you pay a visit to Sitakunda, you will feel like staying there for few days, and to speak out the truth, this feeling goes on.

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