See the Unseen of Sundarban

Bangladesh is well known to the world for its riverine continents and greenish environment. This country has a lot of attractive places that will surely make your vacation the most amazing one. Talking about Bangladesh's greenish environments, Sundarban is one where you can explore the Wildlife in an adventurous way. It is none other than the world's most big natural mangrove forest. Most of the people or travelers visit Sundarban to explore jungles and animals only. But that doesn't wrap everything in Sundarban. There are plenty of other spots that very few people visit every year. Mostly don't even know about these places.

Well, this is why I came up with an idea and researched all the unseen places of Sundarban and started jotting down the content of "See the Unseen of Sundarban." So if you are planning for a Sundarban trip, make sure these places are present on your traveling spots lists. But before you start your journey, let's know more about these spots, down below my content.

The procedure of Going to Sundarban

Many ways are available for you that you can use to travel to all the tourist spots in Bangladesh. But Sundarban is something different. I repeat this place is something really adventurous. To reach Sundarban, you have to get to the Mongla Port or the Khulna region at first. Going to Mongla Port or the Khulna region is not a big deal at all. Just take any transport vehicles you want on that route.

Next, from the Mongla Port, you have to take a country boat or speedboat or motor launch and many more. All these riverine transports are private, so you take any vehicle that seems suitable for you. But in my opinion, the motor launch is the best option. There you go, you just reached Sundarban. See? How simple is that! However, if you are still confused, then don't worry. You can contact plenty of agencies to make it easy for you by letting them pick the right route and right vehicles for you.

Activities You Must Do in Sundarbans

Places like Sundarban, Bandarban, and Cox's Bazar are not for solo travelers. It is not true that you can't enjoy or explore if you travel alone to these places. Yes, you can. But a group makes that fun and exploring twice. I hope you already know about that. There are plenty of situations or activities you can't go through all alone. For that you require team-mates.

Here are some activities you can do being in Sundarban. These activities will make your wildlife trip more adventurous, as I mentioned earlier. Moreover, you can perform these activities being alone or else with your team as well. Both ways make the trip more enjoyable.

1. Pay a visit to the wildlife hideaways.
2. Explore Jamtola Beach.
3. Enjoy the morning boat rides on the narrow canals.
4. Relax and enjoy the night wildlife, with the sky full of stars and the sound of nature.
5. Use the watchtower to experience the evening scenario of the forest

List of Unseen Spots in Sundarban

Sundarban itself is known for its greenish forest and Wildlife only. Very few people know that some beautiful places within Sundarban make the site more extravagant. Here are some of those unseen places I mentioned on this list that you shouldn't miss at all. But honestly, if you explore these places with more people or a team, then these spots will feel more breathtaking to you.

1. Dublar Char

Dublar Char is an island present inside Sundarban. Here, you will get to experience the daily fishes as well as some rare fishes as well. All the dry fish processing activities happen in Dublar Char. The best part of Dublar Char is its "Rash Mela" ceremony of the Hindu Community, which takes place every year and continues for three days. From this Dublar Char, two rivers flowed (Shibsha River and River Passur) on the eastern and western islands. Travelers or tourists who know about the Dublar Char, they come here to experience the river dividings and the uncountable deers on this place.

2. Karamjol Forest

Karamjol Forest is known for its reserve center of Wildlife and the breeding center of deer. Shooting or hunting is strictly prohibited inside this Karamjol Forest. And having lots of wildlife collections, Kamarjol Forest intimates to the Magical Wildlife Kingdom. You can view some insane collection of animals and fish in this forest. There are around 100+ species of fishes, 250+ species of birds, and more than until now. Not only these, but there are also more animals over there, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, wild boars, monkeys, foxes, and many more.

3. Kotka Beach

At the southeast corner of Sundarban, you will get Kotka Beach. Kotka Beach is another most beautiful beach after Cox's Bazar. Kotka Beach is best known for its unique and rare wild animals that you will not find in Bangladesh's other regions. You can also see the King of all animals in Bangladesh- the Royal Bengal Tiger on this Kotka Beach. If you stay overnight on this Kotka Beach, you can experience your best dawn full of nature's tunes of whispering birds, the wind blows as well as the water waves slamming on the shore. Near Kotka Beach, there is a Tiger Point named "Kachikhali." Well, I am not elaborating on the place, as you can already guess on the name "Tiger Point." So if you visit Sundarban, make sure you stay one night on Kotka Beach and enjoy the scenarios and environments.

End Context

Sundarban includes some of the finest spots for you in Bangladesh if you want greenish environments and love Wildlife. It contains a separate island, beach, mountains, jungles, and many more. And talking about animals, birds, and fishes, Sundarban has unique and rare species of all of them that you won't be able to see all around in Bangladesh.

In this article, I mentioned procedures for reaching Sundarban, the activities you must participate in over there, and the best three unseen places of Sundarban. For me, this is all you need as guidance to give a tour in Sundarban. Let's keep the rest in suspense and let you enjoy your journey in Sundarban.

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