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Singapore is a city-state sovereign island which is in Maritime Southeast Asia. It is officially called The Republic of Singapore. People usually speak there are, Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil, and Mandarin languages there. Due to having so many languages, many people may ask questions like, Is Singapore in China? The answer is no. It is an independent country, and most people who run the government are the Chinese descent. Once I went to the National Museum of Singapore with my family on vacation. It is one of the nation's oldest museums that depict the history of Singapore and the world. It is one of the architectural icons of the city and presents 100 years gallery of Singapore. You must visit this museum if you love knowing more about ancient pieces. I bet that you’ll never regret it. You may have heard a lot about Singapore tourism. Let's dig in to know more about the marvelous places there.

Famous garden in Singapore:

Many places in Singapore that allure the Travelers, like the world’s most extensive tropical orchid Gardens by the Bay. There are varieties of exotic plants that offer the most bespoken experience. This place would surely make your mind sound and give you peace. There are three gardens in this Park: Bay East Garden, Bay South Garden, and Bay Central Garden. You won’t get bored as they have a fantastic light show which happens in the evening. Now many might ask, what time does the Gardens by the Bay light show starts? The showtimes are 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm. In the holiday seasons, other additional shows also take place for entertaining the tourists. The duration is 15 minutes, and anyone can visit as it is free. This garden is famous because it is a vast futuristic park located in the bay area of Singapore. There is an impressive skywalk over the colorful garden with big greenhouses, and the shape looks like seashells which recreate the climate of mountains. It is also called Flower Dome. There are so many beautiful and colorful flowers that give you such a spectacular view. If you love nature, then this the place for you as it is the largest glass greenhouse in the world. It looks more attractive in the evening because the yellow lights remain on and give a great glow to the colorful flowers. Flower Dome is one of the most visited tourist spots in Singapore.

Where to stay in Singapore?

If you worry about staying, then don’t be because Marina Bay Sands Singapore is a superb hotel. You will get everything in this lavish and luxurious hotel. You will see the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, shopping malls, award-winning dining, a theatre, a museum, art-science exhibits, and all sorts of entertainment. You will find the most prominent casino in the world here with 1600 slot machines and 50 tables. A question may arise in your mind: how to get into the hotel, and is the entrance fee? To get there, you can take the MRT, which will stop at the Bayfront. So from there, you can walk into the luxurious hotel lobby via the gigantic mall. And the entrance fee for an adult is S$23 and for kids S$17 (age between 2 to 12 years). You can also choose the rooms according to your preference as different rooms offer splendid views. You will love the blue skyline along with the view of the poolside and beautiful garden full of colorful flowers. From the Sky Park observation deck, the view is marvelous. You will feel like a bird high in the sky, watching the beautiful Singapore. In a word, it is a world-class cityscape.

Skyline Luge Sentosa island:

Skyline Luge Sentosa is one of the famous islands of Singapore city. This place is full of exciting rides. It is a luge and Skyride system which the tourists love. It has a pair of handlebars, using which the riders can control the speed by pushing it back and forth. And for the Skyride, there are four-seater lift-up chairs. There are four types of trails with an eye-catching scenic Skyride. They are:

  • • The Jungle Trail.
  • • The Dragon Trail.
  • • The Expedition Trail.
  • • The Kupu Kupu Trail.

All these trails have different types of tracks to make your trip more thrilling. Some are very long; some have twists and bent along with harpin turns. You can take a ride in the morning or at night as they are not closed in the evening like other amusement parks. It is one great outdoor adventurous ride in Singapore. All love these breathtaking rides.

Theme Park in Sentosa:

Universal Studios is another great theme park of Sentosa in Singapore. There are 28 available rides, a sesame show, street entertainment like live performances, meet and greet with your favorite cartoon characters, along with dining and shopping. You will love this incredible place. This Park is a BIG YES for kids. I guarantee you that you will again come here to enjoy every themed zone of this fantastic park in Singapore. It opens at 2 pm and closes at 8 pm. But during weekends, it closes at 9 pm. You may want to know if this place requires tickets? Then, you should know that the answer is yes. You can take one day ticket or more. The price varies for Singapore residents and non-residents. If you haven’t visited this place yet, then you are really missing something worth your fun. Just plan the trip on your next holiday to experience something new this time. If you are a non-resident, then book Singapore airlines and start your party in all these adventurous yet thrilling places.

Indian temple in Singapore:

One of the oldest temples in Singapore is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. It was built in 1881 and is still visited by the Indians in the southern part of Singapore. That place is known as Little India. The estimated Singapore population is 5535000 people, among which 9.2 percent are Indian, 74.2 percent are Chinese, and 13.3 percent are Malay with the other country people. This temple is constructed by Indian pioneers who started living there after building it. This temple is dedicated to the god Shiva’s wife Parvati, the Hindu goddess Kali, and the fierce embodiment of Shakti. As many Hindu people are staying in Singapore, they have made that portion their community. The place is so beautiful and vibrant that you must visit the temple even if you are a Hindu or Indian person. It is the heart of the Indians as they find peace there. This temple is popular among tourists and Indians for its holiness. I’m sure you’ll love this place as it has an intense Hindu vibe with idols of gods and goddesses all around. And before entering the temple, you need to wash your feet and leave your shoes outside. The temple is colorful, and the holiness increases the beauty of the temple.

World’s top beach bar in Singapore:

Tanjong Beach is one of the top beaches of Singapore. It is located in the most proper sun-soaked place covered by sand. People who treasure its solitude and tranquility love this place. You can spend hours lying on the beach having a sunbath, and a gentle breeze will accompany you. This beach is a peaceful hideaway from the Singapore capital, offering you heavenly treatment alongside the sea. This lovely stretch of beach looks more romantic at night, as the stars keep twinkling in the sky, and the nearby ships provide a magical backdrop. Now, you may ask that, ‘Is the Tanjong beach entry free?’ Then the answer is Yes. Except for the programs and party time, the entry is free. So, whenever a gorgeous party happens here, you can buy a pass and prepare yourself to dance the night away. You can also swim to refresh your body and mind. People mostly visit here in the summer season. Your kids will also love this place as they can enjoy swimming and building the sandcastle. So, I am sure after having a grand tour of Tanjong beach, you will thank me for suggesting such a beautiful place.

Telok Blangah Hill:

This Park is one of the oldest parks in Singapore, which is renamed Mount Faber Park in July 1845. Telok Blangah hill is the former name. It is the second-highest hill in Singapore which is another tourist attraction in the country. There is a cable car system that links Mount Faber Park to Sentosa Island. It is an amazing way to watch both the dining and entertainment complex that occupies its peak and the view of the island. There are seven things to do in that place, so let's dig in:

  • • You can take the cable car trip either one way or returning from Sentosa island to mount faber park.
  • • You can click pictures inside the cable car or make videos even if you don’t ride it.
  • • There is a bell of happiness, you can right that bell of polish friendship.
  • • You can snapshot the ancient story of ‘From Temasek to Singapore', depicted on the copper-tooled mural wall.
  • • You can also see the Merlion baby.
  • • From mount faber park, you will be able to take a picturesque view of the beautiful Singapore landscape.
  • • Some lovely hilltop walks are a must in this amazing greenly park.

So, I hope you will love the scenario and feel like a bird visiting this place.

Famous Water kingdom of Singapore:

Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East is one of the largest water parks in Singapore. It promises you a day full of spills and thrills to enjoy with your family and friends. This is one of the most popular top 5 water parks in Asia. There are lots of rides and plenty of places to chill, along with entertainment arrangements for children. You need to plan a whole day trip to enjoy every section of wild wild wet. Starting from high-speed water rides to Kids friendly ones, this place has the perfect adventure for all age guests. There is a total of nine rides and slides along with a mild level Torpedo or Free Fall, just to dare yourself for having a mind-blowing experience. And Kids zone has rides for the little ones ensuring their safety, and in a way, it remains a fun family trip. Along with the enjoyment, safety is their top priority. So, they provide life jackets, inflatable floats, puddle jumpers, and baby water carriers. There is also a food zone, for eating and toilets for changing your wet clothes. So, surely you will extremely love this water kingdom visiting it with your family, friends, and relatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Does Singapore have air conditioning in houses?

Answer: According to the usage of air conditioning in Singapore, it is noticed that the proportion had steadily increased from 71%-76% in the year 2002- 2012.

2. Why was Singapore Flyer closed from November 2019 to March 2020?

Answer: Due to some technical problems which involves one of the spoke’s cables, the Flyer was temporarily closed.

3. Why Merlion is a Singapore Symbol?

Answer: The body of Merlion symbolized the humble beginning of Singapore when it was called Temasek.

4. What is Singapore’s nickname?

Answer: The nickname of Singapore is Lion City. The word Singa means Lion and Pura means city, and it gets the name from these Malay words.

5. Is it safe for beginners to swim in the Sentosa?

Answer: There are three beaches, and all are safe to swim for beginners and competent swimmers.


Singapore is an excellent place for tourism as it has all the eye-catching places that seek tourist attractions. All the sites discussed above are the most visited ones and loved by all. People from all over the world come to Singapore for their vacations and holidays. I am confident that you will definitely have fun in all the beautiful and vibrant places of Singapore. It is a small country but has a leading position among Asia tourist destinations. Besides, being a great place for spending holidays, you will also get to know about Singapore’s history, language, culture, climate, and lifestyle. It is a beautiful place for tourists, and they use English to communicate with the people there. I hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest whenever you plan your next trip to the exciting spots in Singapore.

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