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This is one of the best tourist spots situated in Singapore. There are lots of rides for people of all ages. Once I went to skyline luge Sentosa with my family on summer vacation. We were so excited about all the fun rides. So, my sister asked me, ‘Which ride should we try first?’ I was fascinated by the Skyride and the jungle trail. Skyride is really an amazing one that will give you a beautiful scenic adventure taking you up high in the sky. For riding the Skyride, there are four-seater lift-up chairs. Jungle trail will escape you to the forest. It is a thriller ride, which will take you through tunnels full of plants and small trees. This one of the luge tracks, so to experience this one, there are individual luges. You need to buy tickets for visit Sentosa to try all these amazing rides.

Restrictions for the rides:

As all the rides are adventurous, there must be some restrictions for everyone’s safety. For riding the luge tracks and the Skyrides, you have to meet the demands related to height and age. You have to be a minimum of 85 cm to ride the Skyride with an adult. And for sitting alone the height must be 135 cm. You have to fulfill these needs for enjoying this ride. Again, for the luge alone, you must be 110 cm or taller than that and have to be six years old. Children under this age will not be allowed for riding this one. They can only enjoy the tandem ride with any responsible adult. There are no alone rides for the underage kids. They cannot even ride the tandem alone without any elderly person. You have to meet all the criteria for great rides of Skyline luge Sentosa.

Types of luge tracks and Skyride:

There are four types of trails with an eye-catching scenic Skyride. Self-driving car system luges will be provided for riding these different tracks. It has a pair of handlebars, using which the riders can control the speed by pushing it back and forth. And for the Skyride, there are four-seater lift-up chairs. The types of trails are described in detail below.

The dragon trail:

This track is 688m long and not straight at all. It is filled with many bends, twists, and harpin turns that make it even more exciting. Your adrenaline will rush all through your veins when the luge will run down the longest track. That feeling is really amazing and electrifying. Along with these twisting tracks, there might be mystical dragons concealing in the forest to make your ride adventurous. So, surely keep an eye on it to see when it appears in front of you. You cannot ride this trail without a ticket. You have to take a luge by getting a ticket and navigate your way through the Sentosa’s dragon trail.

The jungle trail:

This trail is 628m long and does not have many twists. It escapes in the forest leaving the city behind. If you want a thrilling and fastest ride, then this is the best trail for you. It goes fast on the straight parts of the track through the tunnels abundant with plants and trees. You will feel the breeze while passing through the harpin corners and down the long straight tracks. You can enjoy this trail with your friends and family riding along the forest. To experience the fun ride with your loved ones, you have to book your ticket and get on the luge for the exciting adventure.

The expedition trail:

This is the longest trail among the four of them, which is 658 meters. It was started back in 2017 and still seeking the attention of thrill-seekers. There are lots of twists and turns along with harpin corners and elating tunnels to increase your excitement. In addition to your amusement, this track also has the longest slopes through the rainforest. You surely will love this one if you are more waves and sudden turns. You will enjoy the trail more with your friends as it is mostly liked by adults and teenagers. Riding the luge on the expedition trail, multiple feelings will arouse in you. For this amazing ride, you have to get the tickets and allow yourself for the fun.

The Kupu Kupu trail:

In Malay, the butterfly is the translation of Kupu Kupu. This trail was also opened in 2017, which is 638 meters long. The routes of these tracks are mystical runs through the magical forest. It is the best ride for beginners or the ones who never tried Skyride before. You have a beautiful experience riding this trail as this has the basic design for the luge to roll. So, any first-time rider will have a graceful ride and an amazing sight of the Sentosa and the surrounding coastline. You can also buy online ticket, if you do not want to stand in queue for enjoying the rides.

Night luge ride:

Like other amusement parks, this one does not close its rides at night. If you do not want to ride in the morning for the scorching heat of the sun and want to enjoy it at night, then you of course have that chance. At night the Sentosa looks even more beautiful for the unique and colorful lighting. It becomes exciting and full of fun for attractive neon lights. People who choose to ride at night usually buy hotel ticket and spend their day. Now, it is easy for you to choose when and what to ride.


Skyline luge Sentosa is one great outdoor adventurous ride in Singapore. These breathtaking rides are loved by all. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the rides on the luge throughout the forests. Sentosa Island is one of the best tourist spots. Nevertheless, along with four amazing luges alone ride and skyride, there is also Siloso beach station with its ticket counter, toilet, queuing area, bars, and restaurants. There are all arrangements for you to eat, rest, drink after or before your ride. You can also buy combo tickets planning, which rides you want to ride at a reasonable price. So, don’t get bored on your vacation and book the tickets to enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

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