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The hill station, Genting Highlands, is a famous tourist spot in Malaysia. It has many popular attractions like Genting skyway, Chin Swee Temples, Casinos, and more. But, have you visited the Resorts World Genting of this hill station? It's so much different than the other amenities of Genting Highlands. It's not only the luxury of the hotels, but the entertainment and fun factors also make it a famous tourist attraction. I was skeptical about staying at the resort of the Genting Highlands at first. As the hill station already has so much to offer, staying at the resort felt unnecessary. But trust me, the experience was so worth it! Accommodation is an essential part of the tour. You won't regret staying in one of their resorts.

The story behind Genting Group

The idea of this extraordinary resort over hills was Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of the Genting Group. He is an inspiration to millions. He was already in his fifties when he had this idea. He had forecasted a prosperous future of Malaysia and decided to build a soothing resort over those mountains. The dense jungle made the idea of resort quite impossible. But, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong was confident about his plan. He devoted all of his time, capital, resources, and even family's resources to build his dream resort. The Government of the country was also impressed by this private sector. A gaming license was recommended to make the resort even better. The first hotel started in 1971 (now the Theme Park Hotel), and since then, there is no looking back for Genting Group.

What is Resorts World Genting?

It is unlike any other resort that we are used to visiting. It is an integrated resort with many fold hotels, indoor and outdoor theme parks, shopping plaza, theatre, and so much more. It is like a small world itself. There are so many things to do here that you will forget about the other parts of the hill station.

Hotels at Resorts World Genting Malaysia

The hotels here give a serene view of the beautiful rainforest and valleys around it. Staying at a resort six thousand feet above sea level is a whole different experience itself. And they have a good of options of hotels for every visitor. There are ten thousand hotel rooms all through the seven hotels of the resort. The most interesting fact to me was how the concrete buildings were blending with nature perfectly. You can feel the cool breeze as you reach the hill station from the low ground. Each hotel here is unique, with different facilities. Let's start with the first hotel of this resort.

Theme Park Hotel

It is a fun and quirky boutique hotel. This hotel has five hundred rooms and a long link bridge between its two buildings. As it is the first hotel of the Genting Highlands, it has significant importance. The hotel is redecorated with entertaining and vibrant themes and has drawings all over places. There is a number path game drawn on the link bridge that connects different wings of the hotel. The corridor has multi-hued windows that make the resort look more colorful. It is the perfect hotel for families with kids or friends that love some fun theme. There are four types of rooms in this hotel, sixers, quads, kings, theme park hotel suites. The sixer is for the group of friends. It has three queen-sized beds. It is cleverly planned and decorated, so it does not feel congested. The quads have two queen-sized beds, and the kings have one king-sized bed. The most spacious and luxurious one is the theme park hotel suites of 550 sq ft.

First World Hotel

It has 7,351 rooms being the largest hotel in the world. They use self-check-in kiosks to manage such a large number of check-ins and rooms. It is right at the heart of the Genting Highlands. So, it gets easier to go to the other attractions of the hill station from the hotel. It is not only the location of it that makes it stand out. It's probably the most colorful hotel I have ever seen. It has three towers, all full of colors. This hotel has everything! Shopping complex, golf course, tennis court, pools, gym, theatre, and even more. Buy ticket for a visit now for an all-in-one experience.

Genting Grand

It is grand indeed. It is a five-star hotel with beautiful architecture and interior. The beautiful white hotel definitely stands out for its elegant exterior and works as an insignia of Genting Highlands. It has 427 rooms including, luxurious and deluxe suites. Buy online ticket now if you want a pleasurable experience on this beautiful hill station.


Talk about ultra luxury! It has 115 bespoke luxury suites, which are flower-themed have all feather pillows and duvet sheets of 100% Egyptian cotton. If you want to devote yourself to a luxurious and comfortable experience, then you cannot miss this hotel.


This 5-star hotel is a beauty with luxury. It has 753 rooms with 92 exclusive suites. It has green in the sky-themed suites on the 18th floor that have vertical gardens. Not only the suites but the dining experience here is also exceptional. You will find classy restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, and other cuisines here.

The Resort Hotel

It is a 4-star hotel popular among families. It has 834 rooms consisting of standard, deluxe, and superior rooms. The steamboat-themed seafood restaurant on the first floor here is quite popular. The steamboat with tom yum soup is a customer favorite. Don't forget to try it if you visit this resort.

Awana Hotel – Awana Genting Highlands

It is a charming 4-star hotel with a tower-like structure that makes it a popular attraction in Genting Highlands. It is 3,100 feet apart from the Resorts World Genting. It is the perfect hotel for all nature lovers. It has a large golf course with it and a 130 million-years-old rainforest surrounding it, making it ample of nature. The in-house restaurant Rajawali is famous for the buffet. Buy hotel ticket now if you have made up your mind about staying here already.


Resorts World Genting is like a small paradise itself. Genting Highlands has so many facilities and things to do that I wonder if it will be possible to visit each of them. The Resorts World Genting is a masterpiece among all these. All the hotels here are different and appealing. They are not only ideal for accommodation but entertainment and fun too. Book your ticket now if you want to experience these resorts to their fullest.

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