Mount Kinabalu

I have always loved to travel and explore the wilderness. I especially love to hike up mountains and take in the atmosphere and view from the top of it. One of the most exciting hikes was the trail of Mount Kinabalu! So, what makes Mount Kinabalu stand out from the rest? Situated in Malaysia, this mountain is among the highest mountains on islands discovered so far. Being one of the most prominent mountains it ranks at 20th. If you’re searching for a mountain to climb, then Mount Kinabalu might just be one for you! The climb is long and exhausting but the destination makes every step totally worthwhile.

About Mount Kinabalu

Kinabalu is the highest peak on an island, Borneo which is the Malay Archipelago. The mountain peaks at 4095 meters, making it a sight to behold and admire even from far away. The mountain is located in Ranau, the West Coast Divison of Sabah in Malaysia. Crocker Range separates the coasts of Sabah. However, at Kinabalu, the mountain isn’t all there is to it. There is more than Mount Kinabalu to see and explore. From natural parks, gardens to exceptionally refreshing hot springs that can relieve you of your exhaustion in a few moments!

Why Should you Climb Mount Kinabalu?

You may ask, why should you climb this mountain? There are tons of mountains out there. Taller ones or shorter ones but why exactly this one? Well, the reward and feeling of accomplishment from conquering Mount Kinabalu is unlike any other. If you are a seasoned hiker, you’ll know the sense of achievement when you climb a mountain all the way.

Exhilarating Climb

For the daring and adventurous souls, Mount Kinabalu will leave a long-lasting thrill and sense of accomplishment. Despite the semi-hard trail filled with wooden planks, rocky pathways, and some dirt tracks, the climb is exhausting yet exciting. The climb of Kinabalu provides a true and great test of your stamina and endurance. The commitment and determination to climb the mountain will surely take you through the entire trail.

Stunning Sunrise Views

In all of south-east Asia, you can only witness the most mesmerizing sunrise from Mount Kinabalu. Of course, you will have to sacrifice bits of your sleep to take in this view but trust me, the sunrise from Mount Kinabalu Low’s peak is worth every bit of it. Such picturesque and scenic scenes don’t come by every day. So make sure to grab your camera to get some of the most beautiful pictures possible. The meditative and astonishing views will be hard to forget anytime soon.

Exotic Natural Beauty and Greeneries

Mount Kinabalu harbors a World heritage site. It’s the Kinabalu Park. It is the pride of Malaysia. The diversity of flora and fauna in the park is unreal. Along with the geographic placement and state helps them grow and thrive. Here at Kinabalu Park, you can find various exotic and near-extinct plants. Carnivorous plants like the parasitic Rafflesia and pitcher can be found in this exotic park. While climbing the mountain, you will clearly notice the changes between flora at different height levels. From dipterocarp forest in the lower forest area to cloud forests. Every change will come with a temperature and oxygen level change. Apart from having great sceneries, the entire climb is an excellent way to work out on your body and have a change of air. Mountaineering and hiking is a good way to gain health benefits. If you decide to visit this mountain yourself, you’ll know why thousands of adventurers are attracted to this very mountain every year. Push your limits and find out yourself by embarking on this journey of a lifetime!

Journey to Mount Kinabalu

The journey is as important as the destination. A well-planned trip can give you memories of a lifetime. Of course, the destination itself is on a completely different page. Here’s all you’ll need to know and do to set out for Mount Kinabalu. Pre-planning trips can take ages if you don’t know what exactly you should be looking for. For a trip to Kinabalu, you’ll need to think about your airfare fees, transportation fees, hotel tickets, and more. We always advise you to buy tickets for the visit at least two weeks earlier to get the best prices. On average, a round trip to Malaysia will cost you around $400. This number will vary depending on where you’re traveling from. You can look up the flight timing and prices online. These services will also allow you to buy online tickets. This is a much more convenient and easier process. At Kinabalu, there is a range of accommodation options for you to choose from. However, there are preset packages for you to choose from to make everything much more convenient. These preset packages a complete deal. They include your climbing permit, food, accommodation, transportation, insurance, and some other expenditures. If you are to opt-in for this, then you won’t have to buy a hotel ticket separately. For places like Kinabalu, we highly suggest taking a pre-made plan. Self-managing every bit of the journey obviously makes it more interesting and challenging. A pre-made plan keeps you stuck on schedule, regardless it’s up to the travelers to choose what they’d want. With all that sorted and out of the way, book your ticket today and explore the magnificent Mount Kinabalu.


Mount Kinabalu is one of the most beautiful places out there. Even if you aren’t a travel enthusiast, you will hardly be able to resist the attraction of Kinabalu. An early morning time at Kinabalu can yield exceptionally beautiful pictures. The feeling of being so high up is exhilarating and thrilling. And this mountain peak isn’t the end of the journey for you. Pot Poring hot spring is a great place for refreshment. Other places are the surreal natural forest reserve, the three islands in Kota Kinabalu. The best part of Kinabalu is that you can do and see so many things here. It’s a complete tour package packed in one place to quench your wanderlust. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for Mount Kinabalu today!

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