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Malaysia has advanced its urbanization game with some of the most astonishing sky-touching constructions. Along with the Petronas Twin Tower, Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower is another famous tourist attraction and landmark of Malaysia. I used to see pictures of the Menara Tower in all portraits of Malaysia. So, I was pretty curious to visit it and see it for real. The tower looks different from up close. You can see the beautiful Islamic architecture-inspired work all over the KL Tower. Did you love the view from the skybridge of Petronas Twin Towers? Then behold yourself for the view from the observation deck of Menara Tower. It is about 100 meters above the skybridge.

History of Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower

It is popularly known as the Kuala Lumpur Tower. Its construction was started in 1991. It went through a three-phase process and was finally completed in 1995. It was made open for the public in 1996. The original design of the KL Tower represented the human journey for perfection in life. The globular structure at the upper part of the tower was inspired by the Malaysian spinning top. It's popular among the Malay. The total height of the tower is 421 meters making it the seventh-tallest freestanding tower in the world. The antenna on the peak is placed at 335 meters. Islamic architecture is evident throughout the construction. At the main lobby, there are beautiful glass-clad domes. They are designed as Muqarnas, embellished vaulting in Islamic architecture. They shine bright like diamonds.

Interesting facts about KL Tower

This tall tower is built atop a rainforest! It is the only tower in the world build within a forest. Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the only residing virgin tropical rainforest in KL, serves as the Lung of the city situated right at its heart. It is home to an abundance of flora and fauna of the native tropical rainforest. This forest was kept intact and untouched during the tower's construction. The natural scenario around the tower increases its beauty. There is a hundred-year-old Jelutong tree in this forest. The construction of the tower was shifted to protect this tree. Moreover, a retaining wall was built around it, costing RM430,000.00. It is primarily a telecommunication tower. It was built to improve the quality of broadcasting and transmission. It is the fifth-tallest telecommunications tower in the world. However, it is not a mere telecommunication tower. It has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Malaysia with its elegant amenities and facilities. This tower also acts as the Islamic Falak Observatory. It is used to observe the moon for dating important Islamic events, like the start of the month of Ramadan or Eid, and more.

How to reach KL Tower?

It is at the junction of Jalan Punchak. So, it is easy to reach by all transports. You can take any of the following routes:

By train:

There are three stations around the tower, Masjid Jamek Dang Warli LRT Station, Bukit Nanas Monorail Station, and Dang Warli LRT Station. However, it will take extra 15-20 minutes to reach the tower from the stations.

By bus:

There are around four buses that will take you to the shopping complex, The weld. The tower is a 600m walk from there.

By car:

It is the most comfortable medium for reaching the tower. You can rent a car or cab. There is a parking area at the KL Tower. So, you do not need not take a walk to reach the tower.

Best Time to Visit Menara Tower:

Like any other tourist spot, it is best to avoid weekends for paying a visit here. It is open daily from 09:00-22:00. It is better to visit there early or between 11:30 to 14:30 or 19:00 to 23:00. If you want to witness the beautiful city lights of Kuala Lumpur, then visit at night.

Where to go in the Menara Tower?

This tower has many exciting amenities to offer that will make your experience there even better.

Atmosphere 360

It is a revolving restaurant on this tower that's 282 meters above the ground. You can get a full panoramic view of the city from this restaurant. The rotation is subtle. It revolves around two to three times per hour. The restaurant opens at 11:30 and is usually a bit crowded. Buy online ticket now if you do not want to miss a deluxe lunch or dinner in this classy restaurant. You can view beautiful sunset and city lights if you go around 7 PM.

XD Motion Theater

It is a modern twelve-seated 4D theatre with visual effects and stimulation. You can choose from eight short movies to watch in this advanced theatre.

The Blue Coral Aquarium

An aquarium in a tower! It sounds pretty interesting itself. This aquarium has sea creatures from all around the world. Don't forget to visit there if you love aquariums.

The Sky Deck

The observation and sky deck are different here. The sky deck is like a glass block. You can see through the glass floor, so it is more thrilling and fun. It is closed during rainy days. So, check the weather forecast before buying your ticket. A base-jump event takes place here once a year.

Places to Stay near Menara Kuala Lumpur:

Crest Residencies:

It is just 500 meters far from the KL Tower. It rents modern and comfortable apartments.

The Bed KLCC 9

It is a capsule hotel that feels like home. If you want a home-like experience with all privileges, then buy hotel ticket now. It is 1.2 km from the KL Tower.

Entry Fee:

The observation-deck entry fee ticket costs RM 49 for adults and RM 29 for kids. The sky deck is more expensive and costs RM 99 for adults and RM 52 for kids. Book your ticket now if you want to skip the long queue.


Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower is a wonder of Malaysia. It shows the advancement of Malaysia in modern technologies and constructions. This communication tower is full of treats and conveniences. They also organize a running competition over the stairs every year. You can choose combo deals for touring through the tower as it's more affordable than individual attractions. So, buy ticket for a visit now.

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