Meeru Island


Meeru Island is on the North Male Atoll in the Maldives. It is also known as Meerufenfushi. This island is on the southwest side of Sri Lanka. Its length is 1200 meters and width is 350 meters. I always wanted to go Maldives. So, one of my friends asked me how to buy ticket for visit from another country? It is simple to get one sitting on the side of the world as everything works online nowadays. This island looks beautiful as it is between the ocean and you will feel like living in the sea. The turquoise color lagoon and the white sand of the beach make it heaven. If you want peace for your mind and a pleasing view for your eyes, then Meeru island is the best choice ever.


Meeru island resort and spa is the only one on Meerufenfushi. It serves a very eye-catching view. This place can be extremely romantic for a honeymoon or very beautiful for wedding ceremonies. There are also clubs for kids and teens, indoor and outdoor activities for kids, and a great environment for families. There are many additional amusements for you in this resort which are discussed below.

Land sports:

This resort provides lots of sports activities. To stay here and enjoy all the fun, you can buy online ticket in advance. There is a sports center which you can also book for family or friends so that no one can interfere when all of you will be playing. The games which are available on the gorgeous resort of Meeru island are badminton, table tennis, volleyball, billiards, football, golf, dart, cycling, petanque, and many more. These are the mentionable games that people mostly love to play. There are two swimming pools and a kid’s wading pool on the beach. So, you can also have fun playing volley in the water or any other games. It is best for the summer season as you will feel amazing in the cold water under the scorching sun. You can also take a combo package of sports which includes badminton and tennis courts. They will provide you the rackets, shuttlecocks, and balls. You can play on these grounds in the daytime. You can chill with cold drinks after playing under the blue sky.


This island offers a good number of excursions. You can choose any short trips, full or half-day trips, whichever suits your plan in the air or land, over and under the water, cruises. Meeru has all the arrangements. You will surely love the charming view of the Maldives. You can take individual cruises, snorkeling boat trips, daysail love boat cruise, sunset punch cruise, catching fish, and Robinson Crusoe sandbank. For the excursion, you have to book your ticket before. Once you decide to go on this small tour, you cannot cancel it. And if you can’t make it to the trip, then the rule is to inform them before 24 hours or else there will no refund. You have to be present 15 minutes before the departure in the main reception area. You have to maintain the schedule. When you will be on the cruise in the evening, the sunset will look so beautiful as the sky will be full of different colors. The mixture of red, orange, yellow, blue, pink colors will make it even more pretty. Snorkeling trips also give you a new experience of the underwater world. You can play with the sea animals and enjoy the sight of the lovely new world. It is to know that the subjects and places might be changed without any prior notices, because of the change of weather or any other reasons.


There are various romantic, informative, colorful, and cultural nightly entertainment shows. All these have some fixed time slots and venues. The programs may include the historic presentation, the culture of Maldives, Bodu Beru dance performance, marine water slide shows, diver’s videos, movie night, DJ Disco, Live band, karaoke, and many more. You can choose any type of entertainment according to your taste. There are definite days and times for each show. If you want to enjoy any of the programs on the day you just arrived, then at first you have to buy hotel ticket for staying there, and then the tickets for the show. It looks magnificent at night as they decorate the place with colorful attractive lights. That’s how it seeks public attention at night mostly. When the music starts, it doubles the excitement. You can also dance it off till the early morning with the DJ or the Live band. All these entertainments increase the beauty of the Maldives even more. This place is another picture of the word beautiful.


The restaurants of Meeru represent food from all around the world. There is international cuisine of delicious dishes for people visiting from every part of the globe. All these food places are top-rated and located in the tropical environment with the best service. On this island of Maldives, there are two buffets, two la carte restaurants, four optional la carte choices and they are Meeru Café near dhobi bar pool, a great snack menu at the bars, romantic candle night dinners on the beaches, and room services. The food and surrounding both are excellent. Every place looks lovely and amazing for families or couples. You can have any type of food, but their best service is seafood as it is a marine island. The candlelight dinner arrangement on the beach looks very adorable because you get a romantic dining experience under the sky full of stars and at the edge of the water. You can surprise your loved ones in a way that both of you will remember forever. All the dining arrangements of this resort are fantastic.


The Maldives has this one endearing Meeru island which is mind-blowing. The view will give much pleasure to your eyes and peace to your mind. You will love this place as there is everything which will make your trip superb. Starting from great hotels to bars and restaurants along with perfect sorts of entertainment, you can experience it all. I am damn sure once you visit this beautiful place, it will be one of the best trips of your life. So, I hope you will have the best time in the Maldives.

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