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Recently the Maldives has become the favorite tourist spot of all beach lovers. This small state has such beautiful sights with clear turquoise water and luxurious resorts that it deserves all the attention. I mean, who does not like a vacation in the Maldives? All the islands of Maldives are unique and beautiful. But, I found Malé a lot more crowded and busy than the other islands. And it was understandable as it is the capital with the maximum population of the state. But, the luxurious resorts and beautiful sites make it an ideal beach holiday place. Here, I will give you all the necessary deets on the Malé Atoll to help you out on your Maldives tour.

Places to visit in the Malé Atoll:

The Capital

The Maldives consists of 26 atolls. And these atolls comprise many islands. The Malé Atoll consists of two separate atolls, North and South Atoll. The central Atoll is the North Malé. The capital is situated here. Though Malé is the capital of Maldives, it is not the capital of this Atoll. The Atoll capital is Thulusdhoo, an island on the eastern edge of North Malé Atoll. The North Malé Atoll consists of 50 islands, but only 8 of them have inhabitants. All of these islands have their unique importance and role. There is an airport island, a capital island, a poultry island, and so on. The capital is so small, less than 2 km, that you can finish walking around it in just half an hour. Despite being so small, it has many beautiful sites to offer to its tourists.

The Hukuru Miskiiy mosque

The oldest structure on this island is the Hukuru Miskiiy mosque. The architecture of this mosque is impressive and unique. It is a beautiful mosque made in the 17th century. It is made of coral blocks, and the frontal side is decorated with exquisite Arabic verses. The interior is luxurious and embellished with many jewels and hand-woven carpets. It is pretty spacious with a capacity of more than five thousand people.


It is another architectural wonder of Maldives. This white and blue iconic building served as the presidential palace till 2008. Now, it works as the Supreme Court of Maldives. It was made for the last Sultan of the state. A part of this iconic building belongs to the National Museum now.

National Museum (Malé)

You can find many archeological artifacts in this museum, along with thousand years old Buddha statues and a collection of thrones belonging to the local sultans.

Medhu Ziyaaraiy shrine

It is the tomb of the famous Islamic scholar and traveler Abdul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary. It is believed that he is the one who bought preached Islam to the local islands of Maldives. It is one of the best historical places in Malé to visit.

Local Market

The Local Market in Malé is a must-go place to visit. It is usually busy with full of tourists and local people. But, it is a great place to experience the lifestyle of the local people.


Most of the beaches of North Malé Atoll are owned by Hotels. But you can find local beaches too. You can find one of the best public beaches in the region on Vilingili island. It is uninhabited, but you can see local people often relaxing there. Despite being full of tourists and visitors all year long, the water is clean and blue here. The gorgeous beaches in this Atoll are pretty spacious and girded by fabulous palm tree groves. The underwater sights close to the North Malé Atoll are mesmerizing. So, it attracts the divers too.

Best resorts and recreation areas of Malé Atoll:

All the islands of this Atoll are open for a visit. However, the islands that are fully owned by hotels are open to their guests only.


It is a complete hotel complex now. It is popular among tourists for its beautiful beaches and quite an atmosphere. So buy hotel ticket now.

Kuda Bandos:

If you prefer having a walk with beautiful beach sites, it is the perfect island for you. It is uninhabited so, you get more privacy as well. It is a beautiful picture-perfect island with exotic plants and sandy beaches.


It is the perfect island for family vacations. It has warm beaches with shallow water. It offers many recreational activities and water sports as well. There are traditional water bikes, skiing gear, and more.


This Atoll has the widest beaches in the Maldives. The local beaches are more lively there.


It is the smallest island in the Maldives. Only the guests of a local hotel can stay here. And the number of guests can not be more than fourteen at once. So, book your ticket now.


This island has many magnificent beaches and bungalows. Most of the world celebrities visit this island. There are some local beaches too that are available for tourists from other islands. So, buy ticket for a visit now.

Tips/ Things to do and not to do in the Malé Atoll:

1. If you want a sunny and warm beach vacation, visit the Maldives during the dry season, December-March. Surfers prefer touring during April-November for heavy winds. 2. In the rainy season, the flying and accommodation cost is low. It is always warm here, and it usually rains at night. 3. As the Maldives is a Muslim country, it is pretty conservative about clothing. It is better to dress modestly and avoid short or tight clothes. 4. There are no shops or stores on the resort islands of Maldives. You can find some rare small shops, but it is better to carry essentials like baby food. 5. You can use credit cards in every hotel here. They also accept dollars. But, for shopping in local small shops, it is better to carry cash. 6. As an Islamic state, Alchohol is prohibited here. You cannot drink on the local streets or outside your resort. It is allowed to drink inside your hotel room or bar, though. 7. The official language of the Maldives is Divehi. The hotel staffs are fluent in English, so you do not have to worry about communication. 8. There are many restaurants and cafes in Malé. There are many teahouses too for a break. 9. The laws are strict here. You can not sunbathe without clothes or topless here. Just as drinking is prohibited, you are not allowed to talk to or touch local women. Violation of any of these will result in a heavy fine.


The Maldives has a lot to offer. All the islands in the Malé Atoll are unique and beautiful. You can choose where to stay as per your preference. The Maldives has become a tourist-friendly spot with its welcoming ambiance and beautiful sites. You can have a lively and active beach holiday here or a quiet private vacation. The Malé Atoll has arrangements for everything. Buy online ticket now to get the best deal on your Maldives tour. And follow the above-mentioned tips for a smooth trip.

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