A couple of days ago I started to make plans for my summer vacation. There are so many places to visit and so many things to do, it’s so hard to select one from so many. So I asked my friends to suggest some places that I can visit. Many places were suggested but one of those stood out the most to me. It’s none other than Bali. Do you know what makes it more interesting? It’s Kuta! Kuta is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world. Bali is filled with natural beauty. Kuta is a cherry on top of that. The entire atmosphere of the area is very energetic and exciting.

What is Kuta?

You might probably know that Bali, Indonesia is also called the island of the Gods. The sheer beauty of Bali makes it widely known as Bali itself rather than as a part of Indonesia. So, what specifically makes Bali so appealing? It’s the beautiful and mesmerizing beaches of Bali. Among all the beaches, Kuta is the one that stands out the most. Kuta occupies the southern part of Bali. Whether you’re local or foreign, if you’re on a tour to Bali, you will not miss the chance to visit Kuta. This place has gained another nickname, heaven for surfers.

Things that You Should not Miss in Kuta

The swinging nightlife and iconic tropical setting complement each other around the clock. A promenade of cafes and restaurants can be found along the beachfront. And if you’re interested in shopping, the local market and malls are just nearby! You can go scuba diving, swimming, surfing or just relax on the beach with some casual games like volleyball. A variety of spas are available as well to pamper yourself. Whether you’re with family or with friends and lovers, you will not get bored at all. From daytime activities to exotic nighttime ventures, everything offers a great deal of entertainment!


If you’re traveling with children then you should not miss the famous Waterbom of Bali. It is one of the oldest establishments in Bali. This water park is among the largest ones out there. Enjoy a vast variety of rides. Some of the rides have their unique names like Superbowl or Boomerang. For the daring souls, be sure to try the Climax!

Warung Murah

Warung Murah offers the best local warungs available. Warung Murah is Indonesian and it translates to “Cheap Cafe”. You’ll only find the cheapest and best prices on traditional local Indonesian food right here. During my stay visit to Kuta, I enjoyed eating here. If you do end up visiting the place, I’d suggest trying the sizzling chicken satay. Add a bit of spiced peanut sauce to amp up the taste even more!

UpCycle, Green Museum Shop

Upcycle receives a special mention. With the current state of the world, everything is only being destroyed. Trash is only piling up everywhere. But here at UpCycle, those very leftover materials are being recycled to support and clean up the community. You will find various items in this shop. Bags, purses, hats, clothing, and so many more! The twist is that these are all made from recycled stuff like old unusable vinyl records, cans, etc. All while offering a unique chance to find something that’s one of a kind! These are just a few of the many magnificent and beautiful sites of Kuta. Listing all of them down would be near impossible. But these will cover you throughout your trip along with other ventures you might dive into along the journey!

Planning a trip to Bali

Now for a trip to this dreamland Bali, you will need to do some planning first. This includes your flight, travel, stay, and day-to-day planning. While the day planning isn’t that important and you’re free to improvise as you like, you will need to sort the rest out beforehand. To visit Kuta, you’ll first need to get to Bali if you’re not a local. So the first step will be to get your plane tickets. You can buy online tickets on almost all the airplane websites. On average, a round-trip will cost you around $850. We advise you to book your tickets beforehand to get the best possible prices. Booking on short notice will result in a much higher price than usual. You’ll of course need a place to stay when you’re at Kuta. You can buy a hotel ticket for as cheap as $35 a night if you make bookings before you arrive in Bali. There are other luxurious and expensive options available as well which goes up to around $100 a night. These hotels are situated nearby Kuta and specially tailored to serve the tourists that visit the area. The short distance from Kuta makes the travel experience much smoother. If you’re planning to visit Kuta soon, book your ticket today! Now that your airfare and stay are fixed, all that’s left is your food cost. From estimations and looking at various pricing, it will cost you around $30 a day on food and drinks. Local transportations are fairly cheap and it’ll depend on how much and how you’re traveling from one point to another. These prices are dynamic and it’s hard to provide approximations. Yet we’ll say something around 100$ over a seven-day trip. Now all that’s left is the costs of attractions and random spendings. These all depend on the travelers themselves. There are no hard approximations here. So, with all that being said, buy tickets for the visit today and explore the magnificent beauty of Kuta!


Bali, Indonesia is widely famous for this picturesque beauty. Every bit about the place is mesmerizing. Kuta is the sweetest cherry among the bunch. The peaceful and serene environment offers relaxation beyond par. Tropical beach, exotic scenery, stunning nightlife, and a peaceful overall encompasses the entire region. There are just so many things to do in Kuta that it’ll almost feel like an endless source of pleasure and entertainment. So, whether it’s a family trip, a trip with friends, or your loved ones, make sure that Kuta, Bali is definitely on that list. Because once you experience its beauty first-hand, you will not want to return, trust me on that.

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