A year ago, while watching travel vlogs on YouTube, I came across a video about Hulhumale, an artificial island of Maldives, and I instantly fall in love with the place. Since then, all I wanted was to visit that place and finally I was able to go there. Traveling is the best way of running away from the chaos of our daily lives and refreshing ourselves. So, if anyone wants to travel but cannot select where to go, I will defiantly say go to the Maldives. Now the question is, how can you travel to the Maldives? Here I have noted all the necessary information that you will be needing about traveling to the Maldives.

Traveling to the Maldives

Before you decide to travel to the Maldives, here is some essential information that will help you to prepare yourself for a perfect tour. 1. Visa and passport: If you are an international traveler, to enter the Maldives, you don’t need to get a visa beforehand. You will be issued a visitor visa for 30 days upon arrival to the country that is cost-free. Having said that, you do need to have a valid passport to get into the Maldives. The validity has to be at least for a month. But if you want to go by air, you will need a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months. 2. Arriving at destination: After you have ensured the validity of your passport, you need to choose how you are going to the Maldives. The best way of arriving in the country is by air. And for that, you need to research and book your ticket in advance. 3. Long flights: If you are flying from the United States, Canada, or the UK you need to be mentally prepared for a long flight. It takes 18 to 20 hours to arrive in the Maldives from the United States and approximately 10 hours from the UK. 4. Booking hotels: You also need to buy hotel ticket. Look for hotels where you want to stay. Booking a hotel can be intimidating as you have so many options. I would suggest going to a budget-friendly hotel. You should not select a hotel that’s too far from the town/city. 5. Packing for the trip: Finally, you should start packing for your trip a few days before your departure. Do not pack unnecessary things. The Maldives is a Muslim country, so you need to bring modest clothes with you. Some resorts and guesthouses are strict with their dress-code. However, you will be able to wear a bathing suit or summer clothing in most resorts and hotels. But do your research before your departure.

Booking flight tickets

Let’s get real, flight tickets can be relatively expensive and one of the main reasons to avoid traveling. But with some tips and tricks, you can save a lot on flight tickets. 1. The price of flight tickets increases with the departure date. So, start searching for your perfect flight at least a month earlier than your departure. 2. The cost of a flight ticket tends to increase a lot during the holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas as more people are taking the flight to visit different places. So try not to fix your tour dates on any holiday. 3. If you buy online ticket, you should search and compare prices from multiple travel portals. Different booking sites offer different prices for the same flight ticket. So do your research decently. 4. If you are traveling with a group of people, try to buy individual tickets. Airlines often charge you more when you are buying a bunch of tickets together. So, by buying individual tickets, you can save a lot. 5. Do not book too early and look for the ticket price in other currencies. With all these tips, you can surely get the best deal while you buy ticket for visit.

Reasons to visit Hulhumale

Hulhumale is one of the most beautiful man-made islands in the world. It is located 7.5 kilometers away from the center of Male. You can either take a bus or a taxi from the Male airport or you can go there by ferry. It will take 15 minutes by bus to reach your destination. Here are eight reasons why you should go to this artificial island: 1. You can enjoy the mesmerizing white sand beach with calm and crystal clear blue water on this island. The beauty of nature will instantly fill you with a peaceful and calming sensation. 2. The island has the perfect weather for vacationing. The temperature stays between 80 to 90 degrees throughout the year. 3. You can do many water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea. You can also ride canoes, jet skis, or do kite surfing and parasailing here. 4. You can visit the central-park of this island. It’s a great place to hang out or take a walk with your loved ones. 5. You can enjoy delicious foods on the beach with an eye-catching view. Some guesthouses offer free breakfast to everyone that visits their place. You can also try many local foods from the restaurants inside the island. 6. It is the perfect place for spending your transit time. 7. It is a budget-friendly island. You don’t need to spend a lot to stay here. 8. You can also do the shopping for your loved ones or yourself from the Centro Mall.


Now you have all the essential information about visiting the Maldives and why you should go to Hulhumale. All you need to do now is save some money, pick a perfect time and go for the trip you wanted for so long. Now and then, we need to take a break and enjoy the beauty of the world. Most of us cannot afford to go on an expensive private beach to spend our vacations. But traveling to the Maldives is quite budget-friendly. You don’t need to break your bank account for this trip. So what are you waiting for? Stop taking stress, take a break and start planning for your next trip.

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