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People have asked me for ages, “Why do you go to Ari atoll every year?” It’s not something I can put into words. Due to my regional, if hectic, office job, vacations are a breath of air. I go to this atoll called Ari in the Maldives every Christmas vacation. There is something special about the place that makes me return. It is a fairly popular place to visit. You have to buy hotel ticket to have a nice dwelling to stay. But, spontaneous trips can be comfortably held here. All in all, the best place to spend your leisure time. So, I recommend everyone to visit this place at least once.

Why Visit Maldives?

The Maldives is famous for its beaches. People flock to it every summer to tan or experience the beautiful blue ocean in comfort. These people stimulate the economy of the country and currently, it is among the top 70 richest countries. There are many reasons you should take an opportunity to visit the atolls or the islands. They are: • Complete privacy: If you have the means, you can have an entire island to yourself. There will be no other people to disturb you. Even if you can’t rent an island, any resort you choose will have very few people. It can be calming to be by yourself after a busy season at work. • Romance: There is a precedent for proposing or having your honeymoon here. Who wouldn’t want to be wooed among the gently swaying palm trees? Couples have also the time and place to themselves. There is a sense of profoundness around the sea that brings people together. • Marine life: For those who are enthusiastic about animals, the diverse eco-system will take your heart away. Ari atoll is a coral reef of an island. So, you can view corals anytime you want. Snorkeling is offered to people to help them see the beauty of sea animals from a closer angle. • Floating around: The places we live in are attached to the earth. If you want to know what it feels like to live on a floating island, visit the Maldives at your earliest convenience. The view of the ocean as you wake up and the feeling of being surrounded by the sea is not something you can artificially replicate. You have to be there to truly understand this. • Beautiful view: Anywhere you look you will be hit with amazing scenery. You can resist temptation like this?

The Dark Side of the Moon

Native people in the Maldives do not visit other islands. The government has a segregation policy and doesn’t want other cultures and ideas to mix with the opinion they preach to the masses. So, the beauty of the crystalline water and commendable hospitality is only experienced by tourists like us. Out of the 119 inhabited islands, 111 are used as resorts or to attract foreigners. While atolls are a unique part of nature, they are also important to the Maldives as a tourist attraction and a way to encourage taking steps against global warming. If you want to know the culture of this country, then I recommend some other place. Do not buy ticket for visit just to get a shallow, controlled view and call the citizens, ‘colorful’ It is an Islamic country and is known to support ISIS ideologies. But, everyone is hypocritical of what it means to be a Muslim. The shop closes for prayer five times a day, yet no one goes to the mosque. Governmental officials were caught having fun with prostitutes but, a woman is punished for engaging in sexual relations before marriage. Alcohol is banned still you can find it anywhere. Heroin is very cheap. I do not recommend a devout and proper Muslim to go there if they want to visit an Islamic country for vacation. It was surprising to people of my acquaintance that I go to Ari Atoll once a year. But, my purpose is to spend a few days on the pristine beach and soaking up the sun. I also love to swim around. These are the kind of things you should buy online ticket and visit Maldives for.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Is an atoll the same as an island?
Ans: No. You can say that an atoll is a kind of an island. However, there are many geographical differences between them to say that they are similar or the same.
2) Should we even visit the Maldives because of the pseudo-fascism of the government and their treatment of their own people?
Ans: The economy of the country is built upon its tourist industry. They are super friendly to foreigners as long as you don’t try to meddle in their internal problems.
3) Is the Maldives actually as beautiful as they say?
Ans: Yes! It is a beautiful country and everyone should explore it. The only thing that would make it more beautiful would be if the common people had human rights.
4) What part of Ari Atoll should I visit?
Ans: I always liked the southern part of Ari Atoll. But, the northern part isn’t any less beautiful.
5) Should I bring my own food and water to a resort?
Ans: I don’t know if airport restrictions would allow you to do so. I have never done it. The water is quite safe as it is bottled water. The local food is to die for. If it is not to your taste, there are hotels and resorts which provide alternative food sources. But, I feel the local stuff is very satisfying.

It might seem that way but all my praises about Ari atoll is not an exaggeration. There might be some problems with housing and luxuries since most of the population lives in the capital. But, contacting a reputed travel agency will solve these issues. The numerous attractions of Alifu Daalu (another name for this floating island) captivate everyone’s gaze. Unless you see them with your own eyes, you might not able be to understand why. It is the best place to have frivolous fun and lazy days. A visit to this kind of place will enrich your soul. So, book your ticket today!

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